The guitar is a very popular instrument to learn, partly because it is so widely used and partly because it doesn’t need any accompaniment. We provide group lessons in electric guitar, perfect for the budding rock star. If you are more laid back then maybe our acoustic guitar lessons are for you.

Our tutors are experienced in targeting the lessons to meet your expectations and they will work with you in whatever genre interests you.Please phone us on 0141 572 6974 and we’ll have you playing in no time.

Group Lessons:

These lessons are in groups of up to ten people so as to allow each student to get enough time to absorb the lesson. Lessons are £10.00 and booked in blocks of ten so as to allow pupils to keep  a regular schedule.  Please phone to book group lessons.

Individual Lessons:

The one-on-one lessons are half an hour long. This is enough time to pick up enough concepts and exercises to practice for the week until the next lesson. Lessons are £15.95 and booked in blocks of four so as to allow pupils to keep  a regular schedule.  So when booking you will be charged £63.80 for a block of 4 x 1/2 hour lessons.